Friday, June 20, 2008

Idealism Meets Pragmatism

Yesterday, Senator Obama, opted out of the Public Finance system of campaigning. I made the mistake of listening to conservative radio today. Of course, this was the topic of discussion. I have to admit the conservatives have a good point, but always under deeper investigation, those points fall by the wayside. Obama said he'd be willing to accept the public finance if his opponent did and he has backed out of that agreement. Let's be clear, he never promised. Another, point the right-wing media has brought up is that Obama has been dedicated to campaign finance reform and believes in, "a robust system of public financing of elections." So this strategic decision is, of course, hypocritical.

Except, not at all. The idea of public finance is to give both candidates even playing ground to get elected. John McCain has already began spending his private funds to push towards the general election. Those adds on TV are not public money. Actually, if you think about it McCain has been running a privately funded campaign since February. So Obama is merely trying to catch up. John McCain has "agreed" to public finance, but already he's seeming to sneak by it. In fact, John McCain, the Maverick of campaign finance, did not use public financing in the primary election.

Back to the "pledge." He did duck the question when asked. He agreed to use public finance if McCain would curtail the spending of the RNC to be comparable to the spending of the DNC. This, McCain would not do, because the RNC has a larger war chest and typically outspends the Democrats. In the 2004 election cycle the RNC had a war chest of $785 million compared to the $683 million the Democrats had. The Democrats will most likely be outspent by a hundred million dollars, if not more. And Mr. Maverick was all too willing to let this happen.

McCain also made a point that privately financed elections allow special interest groups to sway the elections. That is really a stretch coming from the McCain camp, with the fact they employ five times as many lobbyists as Obama does. Senator Obama has rejected money from special interest groups, while Senator McCain lets outside "527" groups do his attacking for him. At the end of the day, Obama did something, in a sense, conservative. He is not "taking" your money for his campaign. I'd think Republicans would be thrilled, they do not have to pay for his run to the White House. In all seriousness, Obama will be earning every penny from everyday people who truly support him.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

As if John McCain Needed Another Reason Not to Vote for Him

So, the McCain Girls have a new one, as if the first one wasn't bad enough. To be fair, I just want to say I'm all for making an ass of yourself. If you insist on doing it on YouTube, are actually serious about it, and then end up looking like an ass... Well get friends that will prevent you from doing this in the future.

Before we get started with my points of contempt watch the video. Warning: If you are contemplating suicide and DO NOT want to be talked out of it watch this.

Now to the points:

1. You obviously don't know how to weld. I do, quit faking it.
2. Can you sing? What key is this in?
3. No, I didn't realize you had a body double except for:
a. Different hair style
b. Different hair color
c. Ability to Dance
4. "Can cut you with his knife ... if you challenge his candidacy." You didn't just fucking say that.
5. Democrats thing he's weak? Yeah, it's called feeble minded.
6. Vietnam vet... Yeah, so was John Kerry and he was swift boated.
7. Quit the damn chicken walking. Don't try out for, "So You Think You Can Dance?" Here's a hint: you can't.
8. Again, what key is this in?
9. Try harmonizing, like you know, The Temptations?
10. Was the chick on the right even singing?
11. What was with RoboMcCain at the end? Was that the new T4 model? Darth Vader? I mean shit, the guy already talks like Dr. Evil no need to make him look worse.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

John McCain's Newest Add

I was just watching TV and John McCain's newest ad appeared. This is it:

"Only a fool or a fraud talks tough or romantically about war." Left me asking one question... George W. Bush?

Let me make my point quickly watch George Bush's speech on the opening of combat operations in Iraq.

And then what happened a few minutes before this.

To John McCain.

Dennis Kucinich... The Man

Today, Dennis Kucinich entered 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush. The Republicans mustered a measly three against President Clinton. Oh yeah, and President Andrew Johnson? Eleven. To put this in childish perspective, Bush fucked up as much as Clinton plus Johnson, times two, and then some. This will go to vote tomorrow, where it is predicted to die on the floor. Subsequently, never being heard from again.

So what?

You know how Democrats are routinely accused of being too chicken-shit to get anything done? Sometimes I agree. Not voting for and impeachment trial would be one of those times. Keith Olbermann suggested tonight that pursuing this line could potentially cost the Democrats Congress and the White House. I can imagine how this line of thought could arise. There is this idea that there are Republicans that like Obama and also are favorable to Bush. I'd like to know who is that thick? I mean still supporting Bush is one thing, but then supporting his polar opposite at the same time is another.

Now, admittedly Obama should steer clear of this endeavor. Absolutely, it could make our future President look petty. On the other hand I think it would give House Democrats resolution and courage to lead as an equal branch of government. Almost on principle the Democrats should vote for this. Everything Mr. Kucinich states are exactly the complaints we've all heard for years. Now, we can act on that.

Nothing would tarnish this administration more than an impeachment. Otherwise, this can pass into the history books which will be rethought and rewritten. Conservatives are funny that way. It is really hard to argue when they replace fact with fiction. Impeachment will make that fiction harder to create.

Thank you Dennis Kucinich for having the courage to stand up despite the consequences you may suffer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When a Country Yearned...

Today, forty years ago, Robert F. Kennedy was shot. He would die the following morning. This assassination has recently come back to our attention, with Mrs. Clinton bringing it up at an ill hour. Yet, we must remember the assassination Robert F. Kennedy, as Americans, not just liberals. When he was killed it seemed as if the soul of America had been bleed from it. This country on the very verge of hope, watched the dream shatter before their eyes.

I think so many remember his speech on April 4, 1968 announcing the assassination of Martin Luther King. He is attributed with single-handedly stopping a race riot in Indianapolis. The speech given there was simple and brief, yet, deeply moving. It was a heart-spoken honesty. He helped heal wounds and calmed what could have become a storm. Maybe, given the chance, he would have healed a nation. We can never know.

I think he summed up every liberal belief in his last line: "...and make gentle the life of this world."

I cannot be a biographer, but I can offer these snippets of what was once a man. But still his great spirit lives on. I think this day is of quiet remembrance of what once was and could be, but is not lost.

As Robert's Brother Ted Kennedy Eulogized:

"Some men see things as they are and say 'Why?' I dream things that never were and say, 'Why not?'" - George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Somebody Stop John McCain Before He Hurts Himself

I am watching John McCain address his supporters in Louisiana. I am literally sickened at his thought process. Just some points I would like to address:

He said that the government failed to help people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I noticed that he said government, not the Bush administration. But it was the failure of the Bush administration. One John McCain supported.

He mocked Obama and said he was not running for George W. Bush's third term. Really? Bullshit.

He talked of how he did not agree with the Bush administrations' mismanagement of the war. So why did he sit there and kiss Bush's ass? He said he was not able to stand up because it was too politically difficult. The last thing I want is a pussy for a President.

He said he was criticized by Democrats because of his "opposition" to the war. No he was criticized because he did not know his ass from his foot. And being a hypocrite.

He is trumping his "record." His record of hiring lobbyists to run his campaign.

Someone tell him to wipe that shit-eating arrogant grin off his face.

He is consistently attacking Obama without real provocation. This is the age old Republican strategy of throw shit on the wall and see what sticks. He's the same old shit-stained laundry.

McCain speaks of good economic policy. Here's one: end this trillion dollar waste of a war. Here's another: reverse the tax cuts to the wealthy. Why? Because never in American history have we ever cut taxes during a time of war. If we're really at war, quit half-assin' it.

I could go on but I want to end with one final point.

Phil Gramm is an "adviser" to John McCain. Gramm is in hot water over several issues because of his lobbyist activities. One of those things could be aiding terrorism by helping hide their money.

Oh yeah, if he's such a fucking maverick why did he have a 95% voting record with George W. Bush?